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2 F/NB actors

Alex is sick and Sam is tired. At the end of what feels like everything, the failing couple tries to remember what made them think their life together could be okay.


  • Production: Manhattan Repertory Theatre, 2018

  • Production: Irvington Theater 10-Minute Plays Festival

Video credit: Ken Wolf

Video credit: Emily Hausmann


"An incredibly powerful piece about finding a way to work through a grief that tears them inside out and connect. Very well done."

- Cheryl Bear, Actress

"The impact this had is the type of impact I wish all of my work, hell all work has on me. The opening monologue sets you up to scene 2, where a string of okays absolutely breaks your heart. And that final scene? So beautiful. If I ever need to show anyone an example of a fantastic one act, this is where I'm going."

- Cole Hunter Dzubak, Playwright

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