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2 Women

A girl from a Little town is visiting her sick grandmother in a Big city. While grandmother sleeps, the girl sneaks out and meets a woman who makes her feel new. Exciting. Red. Together, the women spend a night together that show them growing up and being grown is not what it always seems. An adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood



  • Staged Reading: National Theater Institute, 2018

  • Staged Reading: Babycastles, 2020

  • Staged Reading: American Stage Theatre Company, 2023

Photo credit: Isaak Berliner

"A marvelous adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood that takes us through a journey of coming of age into an awakening. Well done.."

- Cheryl Bear, Actress

"A poetic, primal, thrillingly queer reimagining of a classic fairy tale that breathes new life and agency into Red Riding Hood. Absolutely gorgeous work.  "

- Haley St. James, Dramaturg and Playwright

"Beautiful and fast-paced, Lizz Mangan's adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood embraces the idea that "not everything is as it seems" in new and exciting ways. EYES AND TEETH keeps you holding your breath as it unfolds into a world crackling with potential and new beginnings."

- Sasha Karuc, Playwright


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